Social Projects at Bicycle Links

Welcome Wheels

Second-hand bikes for refugees and asylum seekers in Norfolk, referred by our partner organisations

Greater Anglia Cyclelink

Discounted bikes from our shop for 16-plus adults to help them towards employment opportunities

Free Bikes for Kids

Children's refurbished bikes for families on low incomes struggling with the cost of living

As a social enterprise, Bicycle Links runs projects to benefit the community alongside our trading activity. Above are the three key projects that we run with essential help from our volunteers, funders and supporters. We also work with local authorities and local businesses to deliver schemes to encourage cycling in Norwich as a healthy, sustainable and enjoyable form of transport, such as loan schemes and Dr. Bike events.

Bicycle Links is always happy to discuss partner projects, please email us at

Donations welcome

Bikes are a great starting point but we also rely on financial donations to keep our social projects going. If you wish to donate to our funding pot please do so via the 'DONATE' button below.
Thank you, we really appreciate it!