New bikes

Our new bicycle range includes Gazelle, Raleigh and Ridgeback. We have electric and non-electric bikes available. Our range and the sizes available vary so we recommend popping down to the shop to see our current bikes and have a test ride.

The Dutch are world leaders when it comes to all things bikes, and Gazelle are one of the most popular brands – and manufactured in the Netherlands. These are quality bikes that are designed to last for years, with comfort and practicality a high priority. Large frame sizes are available.

With a history going back over a century, Raleigh are still making bicycles that are reliable and durable. We have used Raleigh cycles in our hire fleet, and are familiar with the quality of the design and components.

Since 1983, Ridgeback has been creating high quality bicycles used for everything from round the world adventures to daily commutes. Whatever your budget or riding style, we’re sure that that you’ll find a Ridgeback that’s right for you.

Electric Bikes from Bicycle Links:

Want a little extra help with hills and distances? Carrying all the shopping home on two wheels? Go electric!

Electric bikes provide extra assistance when you pedal via a motor and battery, with a range from 12 miles to 90 miles between charges.

We sell beautiful electric bikes from Gazelle, Raleigh and Ridgeback in a range of models, motor types and sizes. 

Call into our shop anytime to discuss the differences and benefits with one of our staff.

Accessories from Bicycle Links:

We offer a range of parts and accessories to help keep you moving and safe, including:
  • Puncture resistant tyres
  • Locks
  • Lights
  • Saddles and grips
  • Panniers and bags
We also have a selection of second-hand parts and a bargin bin in the shop.