Donate a bike to Bicycle Links

We're happy to accept donated bikes in any condition, from children’s bikes upwards. We accept whole bikes or frames and don’t worry if a bike is in a poor state or missing one or two parts, we’ll still make good use of it.  

Please bring donations to our shop in King Street any time that we're open - if you're donating more than a couple of bikes, please give us a call to check we have space!

For any accessories, please check with us first to see if we can accept them. This includes car racks, turbo trainers, clothing, shoes, small parts, child seats, used helmets or other cycling-associated gear. We cannot accept second-hand electric bikes or dispose of batteries - if you have a question about donating an electric bike, feel free to give us a call.

We have parking through the black gates to the right-hand side of the shop.


What happens to donated bikes?

Donated bikes are refurbished by staff, trainees or volunteers, and then either used in our social projects or sold in our shop to cover our overheads. Bicycles that we can't use because they are seized or broken are stripped down for parts, which can then be used on other bikes. We always re-use as much as possible, and what we don't use goes to metal recycling.