Secondhand Bikes from Bicycle Links

COVID-19: we have very few secondhand bikes ready and available at the moment. We do have a stock of bikes waiting for refurbishment, though, so if you let us know what you want, your rough budget and your height, we can find some 'potential' bikes for you to look at. Once you are happy we put the bikes into the pipeline for refurbishing.

Because our stock is constantly changing we don’t post details of every bike here, but as a guide:

  • £100 buys a basic but functional Mountain Bike type of bicycle
  • £120 to £150 buys an upcycled mountain bike with smooth tyres, mudguards and perhaps a luggage rack
  • £150 to £220 is normally our price for a city hybrid bike
  • £150 to £190 is the average price for a refurbished retro steel racing bike
  • £200 upward buys a modern road bike, higher quality off-road bike, touring bike or ex-hire bike
  • £100 to £170 is our price for a refurbished vintage 3-speed town bike

Secondhand doesn't mean second rate

Unlike bikes that you buy online, all of our secondhand bikes go through a stringent refurbishing and repair process, and often have new parts fitted. We don’t sell bikes unless we are confident that they have passed all our checks:

  • we check the frame for damage
  • we make sure that seatpost and stem are not seized
  • we remove the bottom bracket, apply anti-seize and re-fit
  • we check headset and hub bearings for wear
  • we renew cables
  • we replace drivetrain, pads, wheels, pedals, bars etc as necessary
  • the majority of our bikes have new tyres fitted, many have new grips / bar tape and saddles too.

The refurbished bicycle then goes through a test ride and a Pre-Delivery Inspection to double check its condition. Once we are happy, the bike goes on sale and includes a 30 day warranty from date of sale.

Secondhand children's bikes

We don't sell secondhand children's bikes on the whole, apart from rare occasions when we get a pre-used Frog, Islabike or similar. Parents are advised to buy direct from other families. Unlike adult bikes, secondhand children's bikes are often in good condition - the child has just grown out of it - and so long as you look it over carefully, test it for size and feel the weight (cheap bikes are very heavy) you're unlikely to go too far wrong. Gumtree, eBay and Facebook are all good places to look. Bicycle Links is happy to assess the bike or carry out a check 'n' tune after you've bought it.

Our Instagram shows a selection of bikes we have refurbished in the past: